• How We Do It - Behavioral Health Services

    Code an A.I. Clinician

    Is easy, because science is predictable, and so is behavioral health services

    Reverse the Scientific Method

    How else do you crowdsource and scale access to treatment?

    Measure and Report Transformation

    It ain't braggin' if it's true.  We let the data speak for itself.

    Did You Know?

    The Applied Behavior Analysis Challenge

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is measurably and objectively the most effective behavior science to acquire skills and reduce target behavior in the world.  It is the gold standard treatment for developmental disabilities, and assists in managing any condition at any age.  Regretfully, there aren't enough human clinicians to meet the need.  For the first time ever, individualized ABA treatment can be accessed through a game.

    The Healthcare Challenge

    Less than 1% of all individuals have access to ABA treatment for any condition.  Opioids, Heroine, and Crack are easier to obtain than access to evidence-based treatment (instead of "therapy" which is not evidence-based nor objectively measurable) for chronic health conditions including Autism (1:308)*, Addiction (1:1277)*, and Obesity (1:564)* for example.  The result is a plethora of population health epidemics that are exponentially increasing because they lack access to care.

    *Maximum treatment rate based on availability of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

    The Education Challenge

    Most states fail to implement IDEA, the law that requires school districts to prove special education services exist.  The Supreme Court recently ruled in a unanimous decision that the Department of Education has violated the Americans With Disabilities Act since its inception.  Students with special needs are entitled to access their independence (ADA) as well as access their education (IDEA) and schools must provide services for both.  

    The Patient Challenge

    Ever been discharged from a hospital, then fall off a digital cliff?  So did we.  That's why we translated the science to help follow doctors orders, and ensure you have the skills to manage your health condition(s).  

    The Student Challenge

    If you are the 1% who receive behavioral health services in schools, you are also the exception not the rule.  For everyone else, there is science...the kind that can implement your Individualized Education Plan with fidelity.  You're welcome.

    The Fun Challenge

    Once upon a time, it was decided that healthcare and education had to be serious or it wasn't real.  Today, we know the opposite is true.  Engaging patients and students to invest in their goals is more effective when the activity is fun.  Because science said so.  We agreed and ran with it.