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A constantly evolving suite of time management / tracking apps, conveniently available in one place.

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Welcome to Goalify

The ultimate time management suite for individuals and teams.
With our suite of micro apps, you can track and monitor every aspect of your time and productivity.

Record significant dates and track how much time has passed from or until that date. You can save, edit, archive, and delete your records, and give each one a descriptive title to help you keep track of what each date represents.

Tasks is used for tracking recurring tasks that need to be completed on a daily. Once you've finished a task within the specified time period, you can mark it as complete. After that interval has passed, the tasks will be reset to an uncompleted status.

Our Pomodoro app helps you stay focused and productive by breaking up your work into 30-minute increments, followed by short breaks. After completing 3 or 4 Pomodoros, you can take a longer break to recharge before starting another round. This proven method has been shown to increase productivity and reduce burnout.

And we're always adding new micro apps to our suite to help you manage your time even more effectively.

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