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Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein

It's All About You


It's not you.  Science has never been available to you.  It's been locked up in institutions inspired by Cold War bread line delivery mechanisms.  "No fun allowed" is their collective motto.    

Did you ever wonder: "What if they could embed an A.I. Clinician in a fun 3D augmented reality game that delivers behavioral health treatment made just for me?"

We did too.  Good news!  You don't have to wonder anymore. 

 It's about time science takes the stigma out of behavioral health treatment, 

and makes it fun to set and reach our goals.  

Who said treatment had to be boring anyway?

Play to win better health outcomes. #GiddyUp #gameon #playtowin

Goalify connects health records to goals

Goalify connects patients and providers to tools that leverage science to better manage individualized health goals and monitors and analyzes progress of A.I. treatment.  

We help hospitals connect patients to plug-and-play adherence, so no one ever falls off the discharge cliff again.  

We make sure you have the skills to manage your condition(s), no matter your age or challenge.  When identify activities that will help you reach your goals, and invite you to have some fun in the process.  

Monitor patient adherence has never been this easy, or this enjoyable. 

We make sure you're in control of your personal health information, because it's yours.  

Because interoperability matters, and it matters to us that you control it.  

Gamifying Health

It's about time gamers and scientists got together to build A.I. that gamifies our health goals, and helps us measure and acquire them. 

We did just that.  We assembled the most advanced team of MDs, PhDs, BCBAs (and lots of other credentials we don't want to bore you with) and made the equivalent of a driverless car....for your health goals.

The team thought translating the most effective science to acquire skills and reduce behavior (Applied Behavior Analysis) into A.I. that serves your purpose, your health, your goals was not enough.  

It had to be fun.

So we made a game where playing is treatment and winning is behavioral health and better health outcomes.

Game on friends.  Game on.


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