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    Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein

    Got Goals?


    Treatment is fun (said no one ever).  Until now.

    We made a game of science so you can play and treatment is fun.  Our unique Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for anyone, any age, any condition, anywhere, to play a customized and individualized 3D augmented reality game.

    Welcome to the new age of gaming.  And health.  And education.  Because science doesn't have to be boring, and behavioral health treatment doesn't have to be judgmental.  

    Stay tuned!

    Connect your health goals to your health providers

    We connect patients and providers with the artificial intelligence in applied behavior analysis to precisely manage individualized health goals.  Our A.I. then monitors and analyzes progress of A.I. treatment, and adjusts treatment based upon performance.  

    Connect patients to plug-and-play adherence, and predict better outcomes.

    Gamifying Health

    It's about time gamers and scientists got together to build A.I. that gamifies our health goals, and helps us measure and acquire them. 

    We did just that.  We assembled the most advanced team of MDs, PhDs, BCBAs (and lots of other credentials we don't want to bore you with) and made the equivalent of a driverless car....for your health goals.

    So we made a game where playing is treatment and winning is behavioral health and better health outcomes.

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